Go past Sea Otter and straight to Georgia (part 2)

In my travels, I’ve passed through thousands and thousands of cities. Each trying at various levels to get you to visit their city. Some not trying at all and just hoping you will stop there. Some claim to be the (XYZ) capitol of the world. On my way to the now defunct Visalia Classic in Visalia, CA, I’d pass Selma, Ca which boasts being the Raisin capitol of the world. Gilroy, Ca claims to be the Garlic capitol of the world.
On this trip I passed through Hatch, New Mexico which claims to be the Chile Pepper Capitol of the world. Whooooo Hooooooooooo!
I also passed through a city that claimed to be the home of a special soap made of Olive Oil. The sign said basically: Come visit the city that founded soap made of Olive Oil in Strawn. What is Strawn I thought to myself? Was it a process? Was it a specific soap making pot or bowl that is made of the material called Strawn? What is Strawn? Metal? Ceramic? Was it a pot that is made of a derivative of straw? Straw(n)? A straw pot is the ONLY way to make the special Olive Oil Soap?
Well, I continued to drive through Texas when I saw a sign that said Strawn – 10 miles. Well, it was not a process. Nor was it a pot made of a derivative of straw. Nor was it a metal or ceramic material. The soap was made (in the city of) Strawn. I kicked myself I was such a dork.
Dave Bolch was with Lance in the couple of weeks prior to Georgia (ToG). He drove directly from Redlands to Georgia and dropped of the team car at Amy’s (Soigneur) and rented a van to meet Lance somewhere. Dave ended up in 4 different locations (meaning states) in the two weeks of Lance’s training sessions. Twice being in Lance’s home of Austin. I was to drive east and Dave said that he might be back in Austin on the Wednesday that I would be passing through Texas. We both have this favorite BBQ place but unfortunately Dave was not to be in Austin till the Thursday before Georgia and I just had to keep going through. Actually I took the high road (I-20) instead of the low road (I-10 which passes closer to Austin) instead. It would have added a bit of travel to my (already long) trip. But it would have been fun to stop there for a good dinner. Next time for sure.


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