Giro D’Italia — Stage 9

By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea

Another day at the Giro and another “rest” day for me as hotel mechanic. Kurt has been hotel soigneur (as is also Dimitri) and he also has been driving the team truck to the hotel. We are at the President hotel by the sea. What a great place to “work” the Giro. Duffy had been driving to the hotel in our small camper and is in charge of food/cooking. I say both as they are related but he does not always cook the main meals. I think his primary job is to cook food so they can have something hot. So, as soon as they get to the hotel, Immediately after the stage and before massage, they can eat something. Some pasta or rice basically. But sometimes he oversees the main dinner. And if not just supervising the hotel cook, he will cook the meal himself. Besides his main job with our team, he is an awesome cook. But for lunch we had a simple lunch prepared by the hotel. For me, I am in love with Italian cooking especially the pastas. Today though it was Ginocci. Wow!!!

After lunch, putting luggage away, I got set up. Put out/hook up hoses and wash buckets, get power, etc. I went for a short walk. Just 30 or 40 minutes. Our hotel s 100 m from the sea. What a beautiful venue/hotel. By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea.