Giro D’Italia — Stage 13

Max, are you home? What’s for dinner?

Today is a TT stage. Even so, Kurt and I are going to the hotel. I have to miss working a TT. Darn, I’m totally bummed out (maximum sarcasm here). But a 130 k transfer to the hotel after the TT means we can’t be in both places (race and do luggage) at the same time. Nor can we get to the hotel, do luggage and return to the stage start (or finish for that matter). So, for me, one of the easiest TTs I will ever have in my schedule. No, this is not going to happen anywhere in the near future so I have to enjoy the once in a lifetime experience.

We are staying in (near)Â Como which is on Lake Como. What a beautiful area. OK, many places in Italy are beautiful to me. Difficulty to describe why. You just have to make a trip here to understand why it is what it is.

Max Testa is Italian born but now lives in the US. He has worked with Mapei and Motorola to name a few. Now he is the official doctor for the USA federation (at worlds for example) He used to have a sports testing lab only 6 blocks from my apartment in Sacramento. But now he has moved his testing lab to Park City, Utah. Along with Eric Heiden they have a great new facility there. But his roots are in Como, Italy. I think he still has a house here in Como. That would be my next question. He is a warm and open person and would not hesitate to invite me (or anyone he knew even just a little) if he was at his Como house and knew I was there at the Giro.

Max, are you home? What’s for dinner?


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.