Giro D’Italia — Stage 12

916 in the house

Today our stage is from Scalenghe to Briancon. Although a national tour (of Italy) we are entering France today. And Briancon is a special place for me memory wise. I was sitting on the side of the road one year (in the tour — waiting for VIPs) and my friend Eric and his family drove by and saw me cat napping in the team van. I though this was the Giro D’Italia and not the Tour de France. Briancon IS INDEED in France right?

Many things are a jumble for me each night. But I saw (think it was today) my friend Tim today. He lives 5 k from me in Sacramento. He told me he would be at the Giro. And I saw him. All of 47 seconds till we had to pack up and go (back to the hotel). Shortest visit I’ve had from my friend 7,000 miles from home. A big 916 (Sacramento area code) in the house (in Italy/at the Giro). Too cool.

Not looking forward to the 160 k transfer back to Italy and our hotel tonight.


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