Giro D’Italia — Stage 11

Slip and slide

Today was a day to forget for many riders. It rained a bit not heavy but enough to mess with the riders. Not in the typical sense but at the finish. Apparently they put some time of special surface on the finish (just after?). And one rider either touched wheels or just plain slipped on the slick wet surface. It looked like dominos as rider after rider slid across the finish (or slid after the finish). After the first rider fell some either hit him and fell causing the chain reaction of some just slipped because they had to hit the brakes (hard) to avoid the fall and the heavy braking on the slick surface gave no one (who braked heavily) a chance in hell. Lucky for me and the other mechanics it did not do too much damage. But Popo is a bit banged up from his fall. Bummer.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.