Giro D’Italia — Stage 10

Day # 1 in the car

My first day in the car and I am more than happy. It’s nice to have an easy day once in a while as hotel mechanic. But it is also nice to be “ready” at all times during a race/stage in the car. I am in the second car with Lorenzo and Craig will be in the first car with Sean. It will be this way the duration with only Nick and I switching back and forth in second car or hotel duty. Craig will do the whole race with Sean in the first car. I did the Giro in 2005 and was also in the second car with Lorenzo. We get along great and have a similar sense of humor. The second car is not that exciting so we have to pass some of the time goofing off. But still listening to race radio and Sean in case we are needed. But we are so far back behind the peloton we don’t see anything from here. So, I like to do a little publicity and say “Ciao” to many of the fans lining the road.

Today is my first day in the car THIS YEAR. Granted, I did a few (only a few) days of car duty during Solvang camp (back in January), but this is a race and that was just training rides. Very different attitude. Here I must be ready and think of the endless possibilities that could happen and hopefully be ready for them. Again I am in the second car so it is not that much pressure.