Friday the 13th

Giro Stage 6
Since there was no real change in GC, we were again car # 13. Add to the fact that it was Friday the 13th and everyone a little nervous/superstitious. So, Geoff’s solution to “ease the level of bad luck” was to flip the number upside down (again) but also put it on top of yesterdays number. So theoretically we were car 26. Still it did not phase me (t eh number 13 on the 13th), but I did it anyway to ease the minds of those who worry about that.
Today’s stage finished in Grosetto. There was actually a lap of the city and would pass our hotel twice. Once with about 7k to go and again with 2 K to go. So being so close to the end of the stage Lorenzo and I (in team car # 2) stopped at our hotel (with the 2 K still to go) and watched the sprint in a calm atmosphere sitting in the parking lot of the team hotel. And we were at least 10 or so minutes closer to dinner because we did not have to get through the traffic jams at the finish area. That is a huge plus as I’m a bit tired from the long days and a few minutes more rest is going to be valuable.


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