This camp had been pretty low key so far. It usually is at this one. It’s Johan’s way of introducing the new guys to the team with no pressure. At Solvang there are heaps of media. Photographers, press and TV are present each and every day in Solvang. But here there is only a little of that action.
Riding and shopping I think are ALMOST equally important. At least for the Euros. Apple I-Pods are the latest rage for them. They almost getting more important that jeans as most important thing to buy here and bring home. The prices on both are way better here.
Tonight’s dinner was at a local BBQ joint near our hotel. It was fun. The first two nights Lance did not eat with us as he lives near by and had dinner at home. But tonight he joined us. It was cool to see the guys relax with him OFF the bike. He is a great leader and good to “hang out” with his teammates tonight.
As dinner wound down Lance said to stay seated at the windows for “the show.” He drove his new (old — redone) GTO. It was recently shown on the TV show Overhaulin. Well, it was indeed overhauled. It was very cool. Jet black with low pro tires on some pimp rims were the obvious things we saw. Then at closer inspection it had shaved door handles (no door handles) with remote solenoids to open the doors and trunk. Bad ass stereo thumped down the block for everyone to hear. The engine had heaps of chrome or silver braided hoses, and a host of other add ons. The Livestrong logo was prominent inside on the engine. Too cool this car is. The license plate said “FOOSE” who is the designer of the car.
I wonder if he can do a “overhaulin” on my Lincoln?


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.