First stage race completed

The Tour of Luxembourg is in the books for me. We finished today and it was hectic getting out of there and back to Gent, Belgium. That was a good but tough race. The next stage race will not be so easy as we will be changing hotels every day for a 8 day race. Luxembourg was a gift (according to my other Euro staff mates) because we will hardly ever have stage races that stay in one hotel for the entire race (except in the US). Because of transfers every day, it will be much tougher. We needed to get back to the service course (team warehouse) so that we can change equipment for the next race. So here I am in some hotel near the Service course. Nice hotel but there is nothing much here. It is ON the freeway (kind of like a rest stop hotel) so there is nothing to do. No movies, supermarket, etc. Only the hotel a restaurant and a gas station. When the staff is in town (between events which is rare) we will stay here at this hotel. I’d better get used to it. Not really too much free time with the Euro program though. Fortunately I will go to the service course tomorrow morning restock and get right back onto the highway and of to Spain.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.