Double day

Today is a double day with a 91k Road race and a (UGH) 20k Time trial. Juan goes in the car for the AM RR and I will go in the car for the afternoon TT. Wash the truck and off to nap for a while. During the first road stage, I vowed to stay awake the whole race. I did It! I did a whole stage without sleeping. 182k and 4hours-45 minutes. YEAH! After that, I thought to myself that I’d go for NOT sleeping at all in ANY caravan this whole race. That idea was shot as I could not fight it yesterday. The eyelids were heavy and I snoozed for an hour. OK, at least I keep awake one day.
The second half of the day was a 20k Time Trial. I though since only 3 guys were to go all out, I could relax. Nope. We (Dirk and I) followed 4 guys with our caravan car and Dave B our soigneur followed 2 guys in his car. We could not follow two of our riders because they were too close to our other riders start times. It was not possible to get back in time for those two. We would follow all of our riders if it was
possible. Since Tyler was our last rider and theoretically could do well, we had to test the waters. We followed Steve, Christian, Benoit and finally Tyler. I took time splits on the first three guys to give Tyler an idea of how fast he should go and if he was going well or not. I had to get times for every 3k. I sometimes was thinking about the time splits that I almost forgot that I was there to do services too. The result was a win. Yes! Dirk shook my hand and told me that he and I had our first Euro Win. Wow, my first win over here!


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.