Don’t you have better things to do?

For caravan days there is an order for the team follow cars. Which car will be car #1 and which car is car #2 etc. Since we were in the yellow jersey with Roland Green (guest rider for Redlands) we were car #1. Must be in the front row. If I remember correctly, a Saturn rider (Trent?) was third overall. Because Levi was second overall and on our team the next team rider was a Saturn rider and thus they were car #2 in the caravan.
As we pulled up to the start area, Frankie just pulled over to the curb and parked. Our van then parked across the street. In most races you just park and get ready for the stage. They paint a little number on your caravan car for the car order. When the gun goes off you just sift around and after only a kilometer or so the cars seem to get into correct order. Little did we know that we were parked in the number 22 spot of the caravan line up (marked on the ground). Silly organizer wanted us to line up in numerical order of caravan start BEFORE. They kept on me to move my car into the first spot. I kept telling them I had to prepare for the race and we would sort it out as we started. I’ve been in races where we were parked a kilometer or more away from the start and still got in order after a short while. Don’t they have better things to do?


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.