Different Zip code?

Tour de Georgia — Stage 3
Rome to Chickamauga TN

We are in Chattanooga, TN at the Chattanooga Choo Choo hotel. Same hotel
as last year. And so I knew the great spots to work/park. I pulled up
and parked where I thought I should. I can see power and water. Perfect
I think. But my soigneur had other plans that I was unaware of and said
he had a better spot right next to the door. And thus it was easy to put
luggage away and get the luggage put back in when the next morning
rolled around. So I rolled up the hose and moved the truck. I parked it
where he said to. We put luggage away and off to lunch. I passed on the
burger to stop my trend at two burgers in two days and went for the
Philly cheese steak sandwich (for two Philly cheese steak sandwiches in
three meals — skipping breakfast). Can I start a new lunch trend?

After lunch I went to power the truck with the outlet that is 20 feet
from away. Easy one would think. But I had the compressor on and it
tripped the breaker in the hotel. Besides no power to my truck, the
outside hotel lights were on the same line and they were now out because
I tripped the breaker they were on. A few tries with the hotel Engineer
was for nothing. Too much for this outlet to power the hotel lights AND
my truck (compressor mainly). So I asked them what to do and they said
to follow me. So for the SECOND time I moved the truck to my THIRD
parking spot. Completely at the FARTHEST most part of the parking lot.
This was the only area with a circuit powerful enough to power the truck
with all my crap. But I am now a full 500 meters from my room. The first
spot was only 70 meters from my room. The second one was at the hotel
door entrance (can’t get any closer than that). I would have settled for
the spot that was 70 meters away. But by the time I had lunch and
figured out the power problem, all the good (sort of close spots) were
taken. I had to settle for the spot THE FARTHEST from the hotel. Am I in
a different zip code?