Criterium du Dauphine Libere — Stage 2

Saint-Paul-en-Jarez to Saint Etienne

I made without any incidents!!

Again today Johan wanted Eki to go with him in the first car. Again I pay the (small) price and must drive the second team car alone. Like yesterday I was really hopping for some valuable rest in the back seat.

Really though, it is not that big of a deal to drive the second car. Having been in the back seat of a team car many times, I have a good idea what the directors do. I have seen daily, the many tasks a director must do. So, I know what type of driving protocol the directors must adhere to. But there is little to do in the second car. Unless of course a breakaway group goes up the road with one of our riders in it. Then the second car goes up to follow the breakaway group. But just before that, we stop and switch bikes so the second car can have the spare bike and rain bag of our rider(s) that are in the breakaway group. But today there was no breakaway with any of our riders in it. So, I sit patiently in the caravan line to the end of the stage. Boring!!

Still a bit tired from the Giro and travel, about the only thing I am really worried about is being 100% alert while driving. Due to the lack of excitement in the second car, one can really kind of daydream while driving. And the stop and go yo-you action of the caravan could cause a fender bender if you are not paying attention. So despite my lack of complete alertness, I made it through the day without any incidents!!


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.