Criterium du Dauphine Libere — Stage 1

Grenoble to Roanne

I’m a director?

Stage 1 at the Dauphine and Johan wants Eki to go in the first car with him. With two directors in the first car, one can concentrate on driving and listen to radio tour (race radio). The other can also listen to radio tour, get the numbers they say for the breakaways and decide (talk) tactics with the riders. All with little distractions. The net result is that leaves me all ALONE in the second car. So, I will drive instead of getting my beauty sleep (nap) in the back seat of the team car.

Bummer. I was a pinch tired from both the Giro AND the drive home from the Giro. I eventually got home from the Giro on Wednesday at 5:00 AM and had to start driving here Friday morning. I was hoping for a relaxed day (or two) in the cars back seat. But nooooooo. So, today, I’m a director.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.