Today was again road training in the morning. They basically did the same loop they did yesterday morning. In the afternoon we had the day free as there was not much to do till Friday.
So Bernard (Track mechanic) Ken (Women’s Road mechanic) and I took a drive to City Center because we wanted to visit the ancient Acropolis. We parked near the start of the road race venue and took a short coffee break then walked the short distance to the Acropolis. We were not sure what to do or see but just wanted to explore a bit with our rare free time.
We walked more than we thought but managed to see the Roman Agora. A small courtyard area with a few cool things to see including the Horologion of Kyrrhestos or Tower of the winds. Very interesting structures to say the least.
Our main goal though was to see the Acropolis. It’s massive structure sits on a small hill near the city center. We walked up the very steep steps towards it to get a better view. But when we got to the gate to get directly up to it, the ticket office was closed for the day. Too bad as it would have been cool to walk on such historic grounds. We did get sort of close though but not actually on the grounds. We took a few snap shots and walked back to the city center where our car was. Walking back we were commenting on the steep stairway to and from the acropolis. Just as I spoke these words I almost fell. Slipping on the slick stairway.
A lot of the area (stairway for example) I believe is cut into/from this hill up to the Acropolis. Slick as heck as most of the area seems to be marble. The main material used in the building just about anything in Greece. I guess for the Greek, marble is a easily/redily available. A dime a dozen so to speak. I guess that’s why I slipped so easily. I’ll call this city countertopville as it is so slick just like a marble counter top in your home.ß


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.