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Promechanics is more than a compilation of stories about life on the road. Our mission is to facilitate learning, explore ideas and solidify a hub for information related to the race community. The lifeblood of that community is you, the race mechanic and no one can provide better insight on the life of a mechanic than those currently working in the field.

What we are looking for:

  • Stories about life on the road.
  • Insider tips on saving time and prolonging product life.
  • Tips for the folks working the service course.
  • Anything that could be useful to the race mechanic.

How to submit a guest article or petition for a journal on ProMechanics:

  • Fill in the form below
  • For articles: Pitch your idea
  • For journals: Provide a bit of your background and a sample of your writing.
Note: ProMechanics reserve the right to edit articles as needed and to reject stories that are not appropriate.