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Payments for orders are currently taken care of by PayPal. Orders are placed through their billing system by clicking on buy buttons throughout our shopping cart. A customer is not committed to purchasing a product placed in our shopping cart as the customer can choose to remove the item. The customer can place as many items as wanted in the shopping cart.
You no longer have to register with PayPal to use their shopping cart and payment functions.

Credit Cards

Our processing through PayPal’s service covers Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover.


All orders are shipped by UPS unless otherwise requested by the customer. Most orders ship within 2-4 (estimated) days. Rototrans and Polytrans cases require a couple weeks lead time for assembly. All shipments leave from the Midwest and therefore take about 5 business days to reach either coast of the United States.

Military orders will only be shipped by the US Postal Service.

Please contact us for more details on international orders.


Prices are subject to change without notice and any such changes will be prospective, not retroactive.

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ProMechanics has provided a separate page that covers information on errors in shipping, return authorization numbers and warranties. You will find that page here.

ProMechanics has provided a separate page that covers our privacy policy. That page can be found here.

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