Close enough to know they are there

Today we are at Lake Lanier, GA. About an hour or so from the finishing city of the Dalton to Dalonega stage. It is quite awesome here. We have been separate from the other teams the whole trip. Different hotel, sometimes different city (but close by) and even once we were in a different state. The first hotel of this trip was a B&B in North Augusta South Carolina. The other teams were in Augusta, GA. Not 2 miles away but technically we were a state away.
The main property here is a great resort on Lake Lanier. All teams (I believe) are staying on the main property which is a huge nice hotel. Beautiful is not enough to describe it but unfortunately for the staff (as always) we rarely ever get to enjoy such luxuries.
Our team though is at some cabins just 2k away. A truly beautiful places with a main living area in the center with a full kitchen. On each side of the main living area are two separate bedrooms. Add to that a fire place and a huge couch could easily tempt me to make Juan do it all but alas I’m here to work and like the other teams, I did not get to truly enjoy our accommodations. With 8 riders, 1 director, 3 soigneurs, 2 mechanics, 1 1 bus driver, 1 cook, 1 doctor and 2 media personnel we needed a huge amount of cabins. I think we had 10 cabins I believe.
It was actually really hard to get the team truck up towards our cabins. The path (dare I call it a road) to our cabins was both narrow and littered with huge trees. I had to really be conscientious in order to not damage the truck on the short but treacherous path up to the cabins.
We are always at a separate place relative to the other teams, but this time we are close enough to know they are there.
Time for a Union meeting!!!


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