Christmas means returns.

Everyone does it. Everyone gets something they don’t exactly need for Christmas and tries to return it. Some times it is totally wrong and sometimes it is just color or size.
For everyone on the team, Training camp is another Christmas. For the riders it is loads of riding clothes from Jerseys, shorts, rain jackets, leg warmers and more. On top of that, they get casual clothes including warm up suits, tee shirts, polo’s, shoes, and too many other things to list here. For the staff it is just (OK a lot) of casual clothes.
I got two duffel bags full of stuff and was told most of it (more) will come at the Spain training camp. I’m not sure if I get to go to the Spain camp so Dave B will probably bring the rest of my stuff afterwards (to Redlands). As most do after Christmas, we all go back to Freddy (soigneur) and try to trade back stuff. Trading for something else is not really and option. We MUST wear this stuff. But we got to have the right size Freddy! So, trade that XL tee shirt for the medium we really need. OK I don’t want to paint a bad picture of Freddy because he does a pretty good job. He can’t estimate everyone exactly every time though. Add the fact that who knows how things fit. He has to do his best to guess on fit and sizes. It’s just funny to see riders say something like: “Do you really think I’m that fat Freddy?”
Ahhhhhhhh it’s Christmas again and I got to go return my “FAT ASS” shirts.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.