Can’t we go that way?

Giro Stage 7
We moved up one spot on GC so we are not car # 12. I’m excited as I don’t have to deal with the whole unlucky car # 13 thing anymore. A bit silly but I guess I have some superstitions myself (not gonna share as of yet) so I can get to worked up about other people’s superstitions.
Ryder had been surviving and making it to the finish. I pretty sure most of thought he would pull out soon because even though he did not break a bone he was road rash head to toe. Finishing for him was not a guarantee. I was pretty sure of that.
As we passed the 2K to go sign I saw some of the team busses parked in a lot. I asked Lorenzo if we were going to just stop here. He said no because I did not see OUR bus only SOME OF the team busses. So, we followed the race to the end, took the deviation and headed to where our bus driver said to park. Low and behold it was where I saw the other busses. I just could not see ours at the time we passed the 2K banner. Oh well!
Can’t we go that way? Damm I guess we could have.
Fun part of the day was Michael Barry getting in to the break of 19 riders. So since the first car is always with Savoldelli’s group AND it had Michael’s spare bike, we had to get that bike and follow him. So, we zipped up to the first car to get Michael’s bike off of it and then zip up to follow the breakaway. What a change of view. Going from not able to see diddly to being a handful of meters behind a break of 19.


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