Yesterday was good weather and today was even better. Lance is busier than ever so he was reported to only be able to schedule two days to ride with the guys. One was this past monday and he showed up in street clothes. His comment was that he was not going to ride because it was too cold. And he did not have to anymore. Why the hell not! I wouldn’t have if I was in his shoes either. But today was good weather and he showed up to ride this time.
As we neared the 2 to 3.5 hour mark of the ride he said that was plenty for him. Coincedently we were riding just past one of his places. We were near his ranch house and he quickly said ciao to the guys and headed home to the ranch. I think 3.5 hours for a retrired guy is pretty damm good. Somehow in all the flat tires, stopping to pee, etc, we lost two guys. We were almost back to the hotel and we noticed the group was too small. But good cyclists that they are they made it. It was Leif Host and new guy Jurgen Van Goolen.
Two of our Belgian contingents.
In the evening it was a nice relaxing coctail and dinner with our Parent company CSE (Capital Sports and Enertainment) as host. Twice in one day Lance (and Sheryl) Showed up to mingle with the boys. I know it is good for the guys to hang out with Lance a little. I know they are inspired a little more when he is around so that is cool for the guys. A small Cmeo by Lance in “his city” sounds a bit odd. But his life is different now.
Camp is officially over and the riders and staff fly home on Sunday. I’m the lucky one who gets to drive home to Sacramento.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.