Blue Bird driven by Ralph Cramden.

It is the day before the start of the Tour of Georgia (ToG). Athletes and staff flew and drove in throughout the weekend. Pavel and Eki arrived Saturday. Amy drove the team car she had on Saturday, AM. Johan, Antonio, Mike, Damon, and Daniel arrived Sunday. College (real name John – Bus driver) arrived Monday early AM. George drove the short distance Monday afternoon. Last but not least Lance and Dave arrived Monday afternoon also.
We had a total of 6 vehicles for the ToG. To move these vehicles we have 1 Director, 3 Soigneurs, 3 mechanics, 1 Director or corporate communications and 1 bus driver. A total of 9 staff for 8 riders. Not bad.
Dave (Soigneur) had a ToG provided car to go to the hotel to do “Hotel duty” before the riders arrived. Meaning, getting rooms, putting luggage in them and organizing dinner plans.
Mark S (part time mechanic) and I were to also be hotel guys in our normal team truck with all luggage. We were to help Dave with luggage and then get buckets and stands ready to wash ASAP when riders and bikes arrived. Then straight to bike tune up when done washing.
Alejandro and Amy were the two soigneurs going to start, then feed zone(s) and then to the finish in another team car.
Johan would follow the race in our main team car with Juan (mechanic).
Dan (director or corporate communications — tailwind sports) would have a car to do his media duties.
Last but not least is College who is driving our “Blue Bird” A massive 38 foot motor home. This huge “Bus” has a queen size bed, shower, bathroom and lounge area. This will be the vehicle that transports the riders to and from each stage. Now I am really glad we are alone at most hotels. The sheer amount of parking space needed is a challenge alone and worse when we are with any number of teams. Lance gave College his nickname. His real name is John and I can’t even remember his last name. But for this trip, I’m going to call him Ralph Cramden (bus driver from the Honeymooners TV show).


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.