Austin camp– Before

November 27 – December 2, 2006

As always I’ve done the mega drive from Sactown to Austin Texas. Austin
will always be one of my favorite cities to visit and possibly live in.
After 3 days of driving I finally get to Austin to both detox from the
drive and have BBQ with Dave Bolch.

I was asked to see if I could drive to get there by Thursday Instead of
Saturday, because they are going to redo the decals on the truck and
will be doing a complete wrap of the truck at a local graphics place.
There will be decals from top to bottom and from front to back. The ONLY
places that will not get decals will be the top of the cab and the top
of the box.

Camp starts Sunday and it needs to be done by then. That’s three days.
No biggie one would say. But for some reason I get to the decal place in
Austin and they do not have approved graphics yet. Why did I just drive
two days earlier than I should have if graphics are not approved yet?
Why did I waste my time? That’s life and I have to deal with it. So time
passes so I might as well go for a bike ride. A rare treat but I knew I
would be there earlier than normal so I took my bike this time. Friday
night rolls around and I drop off the truck as they JUST GOT approved
graphics. So they start the machines to spew out all the computer
generated graphics. Saturday AM 3 guys go FULL GAS to apply all the
decals. By the evening Saturday they have it all done. Amazing since one
guy was only there for about 6 hours and the other two were there for
about 10 hours. So in 26 man hours our truck got a full wrap of decals.