Ansel Adams of the pro peloton

This camp I met someone who I have come to respect over the years. For our media guide (and I’m sure our web site and other needs) we had the famous Graham Watson to take care of our photography needs. I think he is the Ansel Adams of the pro peloton photographers. I have been in the cycling industry for quite some time. During this time I have admired Grahams work from the beginning. He and Cor Vos were two names I have seen on the credit page of every major publication. It’s amazing how they can get the shots they do. You can’t be everywhere but they seem to be.
Maynard Hershon was kind enough to drive Graham around on his beautiful motorcycle. He drove Graham on our training rides so he could get more of those (soon to be) famous shots. Since Maynard lives in Tucson now, it was even an easier choice to drive Graham. Maynard knows his way around a pro peloton as much if not more than any motorcycle driver out there. Maynard is one of the smoothest drivers out there. I have had first hand experience as I have driven with him while working (in the past) as a neutral mechanic. Maynard on the motor and me on the back with a pair of wheels ready to aid anyone who flats. He gets me there fast, smooth and most of all safely. Maynard and Graham. Both there to help get the photos we need. I hope Graham got my good side for our media guide.
Today is the last day of our camp. Tomorrow everyone goes home. Me? I get to drive of course. So, I won’t be home till Tuesday night. After that, it’s time to put my feet up and relax till Redlands.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.