Alone and no transfer

We are at the Marriott in Macon, GA. ALL of the other teams are staying at the Crown Plaza. We will be at separate hotels the whole ToG except for one day. Being the only team at the hotel is a huge plus.
No other teams at our hotel means no racing for parking, water, electricity for me and no racing to the hotel means that Dave does not have to stand in line to get his rooms sorted out or wait for the one or two laundry machines to be available. So this means work will be much more relaxed in terms of getting things done. Work is hard regardless but this helps.
On the down side it means there is no other teams to interact with. Hanging out in the parking lot chatting and waiting for our riders to arrive so we (all mechanics) can start our daily routine. The parking lot of hotels can be a big circus as mechanics and soigneurs go about their jobs. Now it sort of lonely. Last year in Columbus we had a low key parking lot football game with a few other mechanics. Not too happen this year.
Although this day I am extremely happy we are here and not the Crown Plaza. Last year we stayed there for the stages that finished one day and then started the next day in Macon. It was like pulling teeth to get rooms as they said it would be unfair to give us rooms early. Unknown to them how hard it was (hindsight) to try to check in 300 people at once. Sweaty, tired bike racer at that. They learned a good lesson that day. Parking was really limited and also so far from the front of the hotel. It made getting luggage to and from the rooms really hard. I’m super happy we are not staying there this trip.
Dave Bolch arrived yesterday. Dave and I are the only full time staff for US races only. So, normally he and I are usually the first ones at each event. We both try to get there at least 24 hours before the first athlete or (other) staff arrive for each event. This would have been Friday afternoon normally.
Since Dave was helping Lance on his training rides, he did not arrive till Monday. We both do a some of our work before we actually get to each event. Things like deciphering hotels, ordering water, bottles, bars and gels (Dave) and getting any last minutes bike supplies (me) to the hotel(s) is typical. Since Dave was not to be there till Monday and Amy was to arrive Saturday, she was point person for the soigneurs. She had to figure out airport pick ups and room keys for the first hotel. No big deal for her. I told Dave that I wondered why he was even here.
In this modern time many people work from home. I was thinking if Dave was going to do that/the same. “Can you/are you going to telecommute your massage Dave”I asked? Because I don’t think your massage is going to be very good if you were in Lubbock and they are here. I know it sounds good but I don’t think Dave is going to be able to “Work from home” on this gig.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.