Almost did not even open it

Dave Bolch is one of our soigneurs and my roommate here at camp. Freddy has asked the team to refer to them as massage therapist though. I’ll still call them soigneurs. I think it is still a more appropriate designation. If I believe correctly, soigneur basically means caretaker. Much more than just massages.
In addition to his many tasks, Dave had a ton of airport runs to do as I have said before. Because he was doing this (basically) all day Wednesday, that’s all he could do. Thursday, I’m a little unsure of his workload. Friday, since it rained, a lot of his time (after the ride) was spent at the Laundromat. In Europe we have a washer and dryer in each truck. Since we don’t have that in he US we (Dave) had to go to the Laundromat to do it. Saturday was basically with sponsor functions all day after the morning ride. So, with all of that as his schedule he did not give one rub (massage) so far. Christian broke that streak today by asking for a rub. I don’t want to make Christian sound like a spoiler because he (as well as all the riders) will ask for (and get) rubs from the soigneurs on a daily basis. Most times there is a rub schedule for the riders. They simply look on the schedule and see who’s table they are on and what time it will be. Sometimes they will ask for a certain time or Soigneur and other times they are assigned a time and Soigneur. Camp is a little more relaxed as some riders will not have time for a rub, not need a rub, or the rides are not long/hard enough to justify a rub. Dave ALMOST went the whole camp without even opening his rub table.


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