Almost a full shift and I’m done by 11:30…….AM

Last night I rolled into Downtown San Francisco for today’s Photo shoot. A print add the Postal Service wanted to do. I heard they wanted to do a TV commercial but they could not get it organized in time so they settled for photographs.
Frankie told all the riders to come with a clean bike (aren’t they always Frankie?) and not to ask me to do any work other than putting bikes together. But there is always someone who waited till they saw me to get me to do something to their “Poor — abused” bike.
I was supposed to have 10 riders in all. All North Americans were to be here. George’s flight was canceled. Luckily I had Kenny’s bike with me. Michael Barry and new signing Damon Kluck (who did not did have a bike yet) did not come with one, so for those two I used spare bikes which were already to go before hand. Lance came with his in his plane all put together so I only had do a hand full. They arrived by 7 and I slammed them together to make it to a 7:45 dinner. I was only a little late to dinner.
First I was told to be at the set (Treasure Island) by 6:15 am. It was only 10 minutes from the hotel so no biggie. Then the Producer called me and said she wanted me on the set with bikes ready for the guys at 5:30 am. Ouch! I got up at 4:00 and was in the elevator going towards the truck at 4:20. I had to do that “ONE THING” to one of the riders bike BEFORE he could ride it in the photo shoot. So I did that, pumped tires, loaded the bikes and was off to Treasure Island. Hurry up and wait is typical of my job but a photo shoot takes that motto a step in a new direction.
We were scheduled to shoot from 6:30 to noon. They wrapped up all the shots by 9:30 except some more stuff with Lance. All the guys got to go back except him. The price to pay to be a star. I packed all the bikes and was ready to hit the road back home (for a very short time) by 11:30. That was the shortest time I’ve had the bikes unpacked and packed. They were only out of the bike bags for 16 hours. That and I had a (almost) full shift (7 plus hours) before 11:30….AM
Not only that but I was gonna go to Vegas to gamble and play this weekend. It was my birthday Sunday. Something I normally don’t celebrate. At least I’m not usually one to want a birthday party for myself. I’m more than happy to have one for someone else. Just not for myself. I was complaining that I had to work on my birthday. Then I realized many people have to do the very same thing. So, I sucked it up and did my job.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.