AKA — D2 or Vanilla

Last night the part time staff arrived. Our full staff here at Redlands will consist of Lorenzo (Director Sportif), Dave Bolch (full time Soigneur), Stephanie Roussos (part time Soigneur — only for this race), Dave Pitts (part time mechanic — again only for this race) and myself (mechanic obviously). I’m pretty excited as I had worked with Pits on Saturn back in the day and know Stephanie fairly well from our small world I call the traveling circus. Both are great to be with, work hard and easy to get along with. I hope they have as much fun with us as I know I will have with them at our (Dave and my) respective sides.
Back in the day on Saturn we had three mechanics. Fernando Tapia was the head mechanic and Pitts and I were normal day to day full time mechanics. With affirmative action in full affect we were covered. Fernando was of Mexican heritage, and myself of Chinese heritage obviously (to some if not all) and finally Pitts, who is Caucasian filled the worldly culture that made up the mechanics of the Saturn Team. So to play a bit with Pitts we named him Vanilla because of the blatant different skin tone and the sometimes stereotype yellow/Asian references to contrast his light complexion.
This trip I wanted to call him D2 because we already had one Dave (Bolch) and two Daves could get confusing. But I never really got into that whole thing and just kept it to Vanilla. He responded to it any way so why not just keep it. I love to give names to people but really never got one for Stephanie. I’m still at a loss for a new name for her. Maybe later on in the week I will.


Owner of Promechanics.com and long time professional race mechanic.