A super early morning — Rare treat to see it live — Chateau Sixe

Since Tuesdays ride got caught by the publicity caravan, we decided to start earlier today. So, it was, up at 4:30 for a 4:45 racking of the remaining bikes we did not rack last night. Then a short/small breakfast and off peeling rubber by 5:30. We left Oz and drove up one side of the Col du Glandon and down the back side to start our ride on Col du Madeleine for our start of both groups.
The back side of the Glandon was crazy narrow. I felt like a director as we hauled ass down it as fast as possible to get to our starting point. At one point we were passing cars. It was so narrow that I could not even look to my right (at the car I was passing). I knew it was close but if I looked at it the natural reaction is to (unknowingly) drift to the right or left and I that was NOT an option. I just had to “use the Force” and drive past it. It looked like I was in total control but if you had a heart rate monitor on me you would easily be shocked.
The ride went well and we arrived in our new local of Talloires which is near Annecy and also on its beautiful lake. We will be here till Saturday morning so, it is nice to stay in one town for two days. After the ride we had lunch and then after a few organizational tasks we had the afternoon free.
So, Tony and I took a short ride (rare for me on trips) up to the race course which was only 2 k from the guest hotel in Talloires. We watched the race go by and took a few pictures and then completed our ride with a spin around Lake Annecy which is about 50 k and is flat and easy. What a treat for me and I can only do it (ride) when I know I have ALL tasks done and can also forecast that no unexpected tasks would pop up which can easily happen. It is not easy to predict, but I was confident that no unexpected tasks will pop up. So it was cool to see the race live (coming off Col du Forclaz) coming just by Tallories.
Our staff hotel is near Annecy and was not really a bad one but not really a good one either. The lack of air-conditioning was tough to deal with but I was so tired it did not matter.ßThe Champions club hotel was a sort drive away to Tallories. It was full so that is why we had to stay near Annecy which was only about 7.5 K. AWAY (contrary to Amy’s lame estimate). Our hotel in Annecy was called the Ville des Muses but we called it Chateau Sixe (or Motel 6 for the American equivalent). Tomorrow a few guests have changed their plans and are leaving early. Because of that Glen decided to take charge and get our staff to change to the Guest hotel. Wow it was a really nice place but it was no big deal to me where we stayed. But it was nice to not have to stay at Chateau Sixe. For me the real plus was the ability to get laundry done. A rare treat as opposed to doing a few pieces in the sink every second or third day.


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