3.9k for the riders and 31.2k for me.

Today’s race was a 3.9k Prologue Time trial. I have said it before and will say it again, I hate TTs. This one is very short so it really has little bearing on the overall. It is nice to get the jersey here but the real racing starts tomorrow. The only cool thing is the race was so short that the bikes did not get even remotely dirty. They were so clean that Juan and I did not have to wash them. That would have been a shame to have to wash bikes after only 3.9k, but that is my job. We must have clean/presentable bikes every day. I was in the caravan car today and will probably be there every day for that matter. A short TT made it possible to follow every rider which gave me a grand total of 31.2k (8 riders per team here). I’m getting more kilometers that the riders.


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