3 Vehicles then 2 then 1

For this week we had planed on having our team truck, van and caravan car. Today we found out the van was totally dead. The repair price was out of the question so we wrote it off and talked to VW of America to give it back to them. We were down to our team truck and car. No biggie as renting a van was easy to do. Second bad news was that our car was to be delivered to DC was not going to make it. We gave the transport company two weeks to do a 10 day job (their estimate). They could not even do that. So we asked them to redirect it to Lancaster as we really did not need it till then. Crits do not have caravans so no loss. Another call later today we found the car to be in LA of all places. Not even close to the East coast. No way it was going to make it to ANY of our cities/races. What to do? We started with 3 team vehicles going to Philly and was down to two when the van dies. Now we are down to 1 team vehicle (just the truck — how funny) since the car is stuck in LA. That is unacceptable.


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