232 kilometers for the riders and a rest day (sort of) for me.

For the riders, today’s stage is 232 kilometers long (about 144 miles). A long day in the saddle. For me, a rest day (sort of). Since we are at this hotel for two days, Juan will go in the caravan car today. Six stages and I’ll be in the car for 4 (One for Juan and one for Stephen) counting tomorrow. Since we don’t have to transfer to the next hotel, I get all day to relax. I wish I could do some sight seeing or something but I’m going to spend a lot (as much as possible) in bed as I’m feeling under the weather. I think that washing bikes two days in a row in the rain and the travel (23 hours of travel and 9 time zones) took its tool on me so I’m not feeling
well. That is all for me today. That is, until the riders return and I have to do the bikes afterwards.


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